Wrist Release Topoint Buckle

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The perfect Release Aid for youth, beginners and experienced trophy hunters alike.

The Evercatch Release adi is a spring loaded, buckle release aid featuring an super easy adjustable cord that will literally fit anyone and suit any anchor point style.

These days, modern compound bows are built to be shot with a release aid, and finger shooting can be quite dangerous.

For most entry level archers, you don't want to spend a fortune on an extra piece of equipment you may not have known about to start with.

This is where this release aid comes in, a super user friendly dual caliper release that is rated up to 100lbs, with a ridiculously low price tag.

Features include;

  • Padded Buckle strap; keep your release tight and secure whilst staying comfortable.
  • Spring loaded; calipers remain shut unless the trigger is pulled back, feel safer drawing back with a release that controls itself.
  • Dual Caliper; both jaws open simultaneosly resulting in zero string torque on release
  • Adjustable cord; an extendable clasp means that this Release Aid will fit anyone!