The Edge TD bow

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Attractive wooden design.
Selection of laminated wood colours for distinctive and high class look.
Simple and secure screw fitting limb mounting.
Suitable for shooting off the shelf or with an arrow rest to suit the archers preferences.
Sleek design for a quality look.
Technical specifications:

Limb Fitting: Screw fitting
Material: Wood
Length Options: For 62”  bow with Nova limbs.
Handedness: RH or LH
Finish: Wood

Includes Dacron String and rest.

The Edge Wooden Limbs

Wooden, screw fitting recurve limbs from Black Sheep for 64" takedown bow.

Key features:

Simple and secure screw fitting limb.
Compatible with performance bowstrings.
Sleek black design.
Technical specifications:

Fitting: Screw Fitting
Material: Wood
Length Options: Gives 62” bow with The Edge Riser.
Poundage Options: 25-50lbs. (5lb increments)