Darton Spectra E 32

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  • 2022 ALL NEW SPECTRA E 32

    The Spectra-e is the closest thing you can get to a totally balanced shooting system.

    The all-new Spectra E was completely reisigned with the focus on shootability, comfort and Value. We Completely redesigned the Riser and went to a 7075 T-6511 Aluminum that is Pre-Stretched and Pre-Stressed. This ads rigidity and solidness and all but eliminated riser flex when compared to most all other bows on the market today. We then proceeded to add the wider .790" Limbs (Laminated) and Limb pockets to give the platform a very stable feel and incredible reliability on the shot. We reworked the cam to even improve on our already uncomparable smooth draw cycle while adding a 5/8" Bearing and 1/4" Axles. With more parallel limbs Darton has made a HUGE leap in compfort, feel and performance

    The adjustable draw module, positive limb stops and assortment of draw stop tabs gives the shooter complete control of their draw length. The split yoke system that anchors on the axles, outboard of the limbs, totally equalize/stabilize the limbs and reduce the load on the cam bearings. 

    • 7075 T 6511 Pre-stressed and Pre-stretched Riser
    • 7075 T6 Cams
    • 5/8 Diameter Bearings
    • 1/4" Axles
    • .790 Wide Limbs for stability
    • .790 Limb Pockets
    • BCY 452 Strings, Cables and Yokes
    • .750 Center Bushing for better Stabilizer End Cap contact


    SPEED: 335-340 FPS \ AXLE-TO-AXLE: 32"
    BRACE HEIGHT: 6-7/16" | MASS WEIGHT: 4.9 LBS.
    DRAW LENGTHS: 25.5"-31" | DRAW WEIGHTS: 40, 50, 60, 70
    LET-OFF: 85% (adjustable)