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Easton Vane Primer Pen previously known as Easton Dr. Doug's Vane Primer Pen.

The Vane Primer Pen takes care of a problem that more and more people have experienced as a lot of adhesives are getting re-formulated to comply with stricter environmental requirements.

These adhesives simply do not stick as well as the old adhesive formulas did.

The Vane Primer Pen makes cyanoacrylate glues work better with any type of plastic vane.

Quickbond Vane Primer Pen for improved vane adhesion.

    • Ensures a quick secure bond
  • Up to 3 times better vane adhesion
  • Works well with Easton Quickbond Vane Adhesive
  • Easy to apply, simply depress felt tip
  • Compatible with all vane adhesives
  • Improves bond strength & reduces drying time
  • Improves adhesion for hard-to stick vanes
  • Dramatically improves adhesion strength of all cyanoacrylate vane adhesives
  • Easy to apply applicator felt tip pen bottle
  • Primes vane base for maximum fletching bond strength
  • Perfect for hard-to-stick vanes