Traditional Oak Ridge Recurve bow

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The Oak Ridge Viridian is a 62 inch take-down recurve field bow made by Win&Win. The limbs are made of maple wood with black fiberglass for a nice traditional look. Combined with the 20 inch Oak Ridge Viridian handle you get a nice, well priced field bow. The limbs of the Viridian are reinforced, allowing you to shoot with a fast flight (or equivalent) string.

As an added advantage, both the handle and the limbs are the same fit as the popular Samick Sage. This means you can combine the riser of the one brand and the limbs of the other.

This Oak Ridge bow gets shipped with:

  • Oak Ridge Viridian Riser
  • Oak Ridge Viridian Limbs
  • B50 traditional string
  • Traditional arrow rest
  • Two nocking points

Specifications Oak Ridge Viridian:

  • Bow length: 62inch
  • Material limbs: Maple and fiberglass
  • Material handle: Walnut, oak & ash
  • Tips: Reinforced
  • Fitting: Screw-on
  • Possible to combine with Samick Sage