Tru Ball Bandit Wrist Release

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The TRU BALL Bandit Release Aid features a rope connection covered in weather resistant flexible tubing, designed to make your release ready in hunting situations where speed is key.

Bandit has a new Quick Lock connection system to provide easy adjustment for any anchor point.

The Bandit is perfect for hardcore hunters or beginners just starting into archery.

Top features at a great price.

You can tuck the head into your sleeve when stalking or climbing.

For use with left and right handed shooters.

Designed, CNC machined and assembled in the USA.

Will improve your accuracy.

Available in a Velcro Strap in X Large, Large (available in both Velcro and Buckle) and Junior. Please specify strap size choice.

Available in black finish - jaws, trigger and annodised head. Also comes in splash camo which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

When your trophy room depends on you, you depend on your release. TRU Ball continue to make archery better. TRU Ball - The Proven Number 1. The TRU Ball Bandit release aid.