Premium Tapered POC Shafts

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These Shafts are not parallel shafts that have been tapered by hand, we put a square stick in the machine and out comes a tapered shaft. This is the finest tapered shaft on the market today. These arrows are hand spined within 5 pounds, hand straightened, and grain weighed within 10 grains, they are tapered 9" and already have been nock tapered. A shaft tapered on the nock end allows the arrow to pass through paradox with less lateral movement on the point end. This allows the arrow to recover more quickly. The tapered nock end also moves the center of gravity forward yielding a better flight characteristic. The taper also reduces pressure on the bow from the nock end of the arrow greatly reducing feather wear and tear.

5/16" shafts will make a maximum 29" bop arrow. 5/16" shafts come in 30-35#, 35-40#, and 40-45# only. Price is per dozen.