BCY Nock Tying Thread

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Count on BCY to make bow strings better. Their quality nock point tying thread allows you to easily set a nocking point without using brass string nocks or c-clips.

Thread nocks let you to set a nocking point that is easily adjustable, and easier on the string serving. You'll also notice improved arrow speed, as string thread is lighter on the bow string and easier on your arrow nocks than traditional brass nocking points. It is also less harmful to your fingers, tabs, and gloves.

BCY nock point thread is made from 100% high tenacity nylon, the same fiber used in making durable Cordura® fabric. It is bonded to increase abrasion and weather resistance. BCY nock point thread will not fray when you cut it.

Features .020" diameter. Sold in spool sizes of 75 yards.