Bear Cruiser G2

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Simple Setup, Easy to Shoot

The perfect introduction bow for a first-time adult bowhunter, the Species is simple to set up and easy to shoot. This high-performance single cam system shoots 320 feet per second at an incredible value.

Ready to Hunt

Our RTH package bows come ready to hunt right out of the box equipped with six Trophy Ridge accessories.

Included accessories:
    • Trophy Ridge 4-Pin Sight
    • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit
    • Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver
    • Peep Sight
    • Nock Loop

EnduraFiber™ Limbs

These limbs provide unmatched flexibility and rigidity and allow for maximum weight adjustability for a customized fit for any shooter. The unique shape of the limb creates a reliable load distribution.


Limb dampener device eliminates vibration and shock.

Lock Down Pocket System

A system that incorporates four components which provides the most accurate riser-to-pocket-to-limb alignment in the industry.

  • Limb Boot Captures and insulates the limb butt eliminating noise, shock, and vibration.
  • Patent Pending Half Round When placed under load the patent pending half round clamps the limb and allows zero movement.
  • Lock Down Washer Precisely aligns the front side of the pocket to the riser.
  • Tangs Secures the pocket to the riser throughout the entire draw weight change.