Conquest Talon Bow Quiver

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We have teamed up with our sister company Conquest Archery and have developed an amazing Arrow Quiver. The Talon 5+2 Quiver will hold 5 arrows with Broad heads MAX OD is 1 3/16" and 2 extra arrows. These Quivers are designed for easy one hand operation with a Patented Claw Gripper. This gripper is Incredibly strong! The Hoods are Patented and rubber lined for quite removal of broad heads. The Talon 5+2 also comes with Standard and Micro Grippers and these Micro Grippers fit perfect on the smallest of arrows like the Revelation Arrows!

  1. Mounting Bracket
  2. One of Standard Arrow Grippers and one set of Micro Grippers (That Work :))
  3. 1/2 Spacer in every quiver Just in Case you nee some room (Depending on arrow rest)
  4. Mounting Hardware