Easton Elite D Loop pliers

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Easton D-Loop Pliers are the most convenient and versatile nocking archery tool available today.

The ground breaking design has six useful features including an innovative hand squeeze side-stretch jaw that maximises mechanical advantage to provide the tightest possible D-Loops that will never budge.

Manufactured from the highest quality materials for reliable, long-lasting performance.

Six great features

  • String D-Loop stretcher
  • Nok set crimper and removal tool
  • Extra sharp side cutter
  • Nok set opener
  • Needle nose or tweezer tip pliers
  • Durable, comfortable grip

A must for any serious bow mechanic.

  • Maximises mechanical advantage for tightest possible D-Loops
  • Two nok set crimpers
  • Dual-jaw design
  • Opener to remove nok sets
  • Grooves in plier tips for stretching D-Loops
  • Side cutters are extra sharp
  • Needle nose design
  • Side stretch jaw
  • Vertical leverage cleat
  • Nock set tightening jaw
  • Separated jaw
  • Makes the D-Loop the same consistent length each time
  • Applies 400 pounds of pressure equally on each knot
  • Ensure your D Loop will not slip or turn
  • Pre-stretches loop
  • Makes putting on a D Loop easy
  • Saves release rope as you only use what you need
  • Pays for itself in no time at all as you do not get frustrating D Loop stretch
  • Comes with a full step-by-step instruction sheet on reverse of card
  • Convenient and versatile archery tool
  • Six tools in one
  • Chrome finish
  • Easton logo on face of joint and on outside of both handle grips
  • Very comfortable grip
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Attractive black colour grip
  • Durable, quality & functional pliers

Make your D Loops like a real pro with Easton D Loop Nock Pliers.

Putting on your D Loop has never been easier.