Easton Elite Stabiliser Sleeve

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Soft sleeve to store and protect or quarantine your entire stabiliser system from other items in your bow case.

The Easton Stabiliser Sleeve is sturdy, black in colour with a Velcro closure.

Two main sleeve tubes safely contain stabilisers and side rods.

External pouch pocket to house V-Bars, Weights and Extenders.

Length adjustable for long and short stabilisers up to 47 inches overall length.

Durable 600D fleece lined sleeve and pocket bag to store entire stabiliser system, Long Rods, Side Rods, V-Bars and Weights.

Adjustable length, protects other equipment in the same bow case.

Fits inside most bow cases.

Covers feature an attractive Easton logo on the front.

Protect your gear, get an Easton stabiliser sleeve today.