Fairweather Tab Plates and leather set

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  • This is the standard edition, comes without a case and with 1 piece of kangaroo and 1 piece of suede. (Pro edition comes in a travel case, as well as 3 pieces of kangaroo, and 1 piece of suede, so archers can choose their ideal layering for the leather material, sold separately)
  • It's ambidextrous - no LH/RH 
  • 2 sizes - Small and Large
  • The plates sandwich the ring, and it can be height adjusted to move the tab to whichever position works best - meaning you can have the top of the tab a little higher if you need to use it as a pseudo shelf, or lower if you prefer to use the top of your hand for anchor.
  • It's all smooth. Nothing to catch or cut.
  • It comes with tapes rather than fixed marks. One tape is metric, one is imperial, and blank ones for those who make their own marks. The shape is designed so that the tape tucks in at the ends so it can't peel off.
  • The rings come in a pack of 2, with two different hardnesses of rubber (one is soft, the other more heavy duty). The rings are also ambidextrous. Sold separately to the tab plates, and in sizes the same as the OR tab.