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The Waypoint Arrow Level allows archers the ability to easily measure the exact vertical and horizontal position of the arrow in relation to the riser shelf for either initial bow set-up or data collection once the tune is complete. 

Machined out of billet aluminum, the Waypoint Arrow Level is built to survive years of abuse while providing accurate information to the archer.  The laser engraved rulers allow the archer to accurately measure center-shot and arrow height with increments of 0.050” marked on the rulers.  Use the Waypoint Level to initially adjust the arrow rest based on bow manufacturer recommendations before finalizing the tune of your bow.  Once you have finalized the tune, use the Waypoint Arrow Level to measure the final arrow center-shot and height for your records.  For archers using an arrow rest with a flexible launcher, the vertical ruler can be adjusted and locked in place to represent the arrow height at full draw with no flex in the launcher.  This information can be used to check your equipment any time the tune may have become compromised, such as after traveling or an unexpected drop from the stand.  You can also use this information to easily put your rest back into a previous tune when changing between arrow diameters throughout the season.  Whether you are in a pro shop, on the tournament trail, or at hunting camp; you can rely on durability and accuracy of the Waypoint Arrow Level.