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We have been so impressed with the pure cleansing qualities of all-natural soaps that we joined forces with a local soap maker and designed two incredible 3Rivers Archery exclusives. Treat yourself to a bar or two today. They're perfect for hunting, camping, and everyday use. Sold by the 4 ounce bar.

All-natural soaps are environmentally friendly and they clean and condition your skin with every use. No harsh chemicals or detergents here. While washing, enjoy the subtle pleasing scents and the rich moisturizing lather. After rinsing you'll notice that your skin feels fresh and deeply cleaned, not scented or perfumed. Do what comes natural, switch to 3Rivers natural soap.

First, we offer 3Rivers Hunter's Mask. This perfect blend of citrus essential oils offers deep cleansing and is designed to effectively eliminate human odor. The palm, coconut, and olive oils nourish your skin, while the exfoliating cornmeal invigorates and enhances the cleaning action. 3Rivers Hunter's Mask is designed for your entire body. Use it every day and feel "squeaky clean."

Then there's our 3R Camp Soap. This one's designed as a universal cleaner for hair, body, clothes, dishes, shaving, and everything else. The essential tea tree oil, known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antifungal qualities, kills germs. The coconut, palm, and olive oils soothe and nourish your skin. The peppermint essential oil leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. For a one-soap-does-all, give 3R Camp Soap a try.