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Looking for the best all-around bow string wax? We've found that straight beeswax is too hard. Our 3Rivers String Maker's Wax is a special blend of pure beeswax and pine rosin for the perfect bow string wax.

Preferred by Flemish string makers because of its inherent adhesion qualities. It is very tacky and perfect for holding strands together as you build your bow string. A superior adhesion.

Whether you're hand twisting Flemish Twist bow strings or just want to keep the strings you have well maintained, 3Rivers String Maker's Wax is THE wax of choice. Suggested for use on all bow strings regardless of material type. Sold in a 1 ounce cup.

Best all-purpose string wax available
Superior Adhesion and Very Tacky
Perfect for making Flemish Twist Bow Strings
One wax for all string types
Made in the USA