Top Hat Mounting tool

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TopHat® Assembly Tool:

Tool to assemble parallel screw- in points onto wooden shafts.
Suitable for all diameters
Because of the parallel guide line of the TopHat® Screw- in points and the central exertion of energy of the TopHat® Assembly tool, there is a consistent and controlled torsion. This guarantees an optimal operating torque and the tight jammed TopHat®Arrowhead.
With the TopHat® Assembly tool you can feel when the cone of the arrowhead stays final fixed and centered.
The relatively slight exertion of power and the good controllability enables women and children to make their arrows easily TopHat® fit.

14 cm long 4 cm wide
Fits in every small bag and guarantees a perfect fixed TopHat® Screw- in point on every wooden arrow.
Also ideal in connection with the TopHat®Thread- roughing tab.