TopHat®3D Long

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TopHat®3D Long

To be used immediately after an arrow breaks directly behind the head. The TopHat®Long has to be mounted directly on the breakpoint. Through the extra length it is possible to continue shooting with the accustomed length of the arrow.

3D - Shape:
That especially for 3D animals/targets designed shape is characterized through its high effectiveness. In comparison with other arrowheads this 3D shaped arrow point enters more aggressive and strait into the target. Through the shape of the arrowhead there is a high resistance of diversion. This leads to less tension and therefore more protection for the shaft. The shape prevents rebound on the surface of the target.

Material: Aluminium
Aluminium is used in archery because of the low weight and its corrosion-resistance. It is possible to get a twice as long arrowhead with the same weight.

Available in:
5/16 - 70gn; 5/16 - 100gn; 11/32 - 80gn; 11/32 -100gn; 11/32 - 125gn; 23/64 - 125gn

TopHat®Long Technology:
The TopHat®Long is based on the TopHat®Classic technology. The TopHat®Long arrow points are almost twice as long as a common head, but they have the same weight.

Installation: The arrow point has to be twisted on the blunt shaft. Through the tread in the inside of the arrow point shaft and head are strongly anchored and a self-initiated loosening is not possible.

Centring: Though its conical area in the inner front of the head, it centres perfectly. This leads to a unique true-running accuracy. The flight-characteristics and the pinpoint accuracy are improved.

Easy pulling: The head diameter is broader than the wooden shaft. This feature causes the effect of an expansion at the point of entry. This makes the pulling noticeable easier.

Usually the TopHat®Long needs to be installed during the actual shooting, therefore we recommend the TopHat®Pliers* and the TopHat®Grip* for the installation.

*These Products support the easiest way of installation but they are not necessarily required utilization of TopHat®ArrowPoints.