TRUBALL Fang handle release

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The TRU BALL Fang Series expands into the hunting hand held family with the introduction of the Fang.

The Fang 3 and Fang 4 feature a Full Containment System (FCS) with a hook-style jaw that allows the archer to push the FCS slide forward to lock the release on the D-Loop, for use in a hands free hunting situation or pull the FCS slide back for repetitive shooting.

Full Containment System (FCS)

  • Click Containment back to load on D-Loop
  • Click Forward to lock into position
  • Pull Trigger to fire
  • Pull Trigger after firing to re-set the hook

The Fang 3 and Fang 4 provide the ability to shoot with no sensitivity spring for the lightest possible setting or a medium and heavy spring, included in the package for heavier sensitivity settings.

An independent trigger travel adjustment screw allows numerous different settings as desired by the archer.

Adjustable thumb barrel positions can be attained with the large knurled thumb peg and tear drop.

  • Incorporated containment system allows release to hang freely from D-Loop!
  • 2 sensitivity adjustment springs included, one for lighter and one for heavier trigger feel
    • Adjustable thumb barrel positions
    • Pull the trigger to fire, then pull trigger again after firing to re-set the hook
    • For use with left and right handed shooters
    • Available in ergonomic three finger and four finger handles. Please specify choice
    • Available in black only. Also available in splash camo and Mathews Lost Camo which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire
    • Made in the USA

    When your trophy room depends on you, you depend on your release. TRU Ball continue to make archery better. TRU Ball - The Proven Number 1. Top of the line flagship, TRU Ball Fang Release Aid will improve your accuracy.